Friday, August 13, 2010

Make Money Online

You can make money online, in fact anyone can. Students, retirees, disabled, stay at home moms/dads, employed or unemployed. Everyone can do it, it is easy, and fun. This is legitimate money, no get rich schemes, pryamid scams, or investment of money. In the interest of disclosure, I do earn a small commission from the survey sites listed here, around .50 per signup. But, to be honest I earn much more by actually taking the surveys. Surveys are not a job, most survey monies received are considered rewards or honorariums. Check with your tax advisor to be certain, but in most cases this is not considered income.  You never should pay to take surveys or submit a credit card for registration purposed. Legitimate companies will never ask for this information.

Why wait, start making money today.  Begin by signing up for legitimate survey sites listed below. These are no nonsense, no spam, or scam sites. Manufacturers' and other large corporations want your opinions on what you buy, how you think/react and how you respond to their advertising. They are willing to pay for this, so why not join in, have some fun, make some money and even get sample products before they're released. How awesome is that. Select the links below and register. You will have to provide, your name, email address, home address, date of birth and phone number. The home address is where your checks will be mailed. Next step answer a few questions for classification purposes so matching surveys will be forwarded to you. Now sit back, answer a few questions, try a few samples and start making easy money!

For reviews of these sites visit the navigational links at the top of the page.  I am working on incorporating proof of payment screen shots, but for now you can see my totals under the How Much Money Can You Make tab.  New totals have just been updated as of May 2011.

If you are not interested in surveys but need a legitimate job, visit this site for working at home tips and jobs

There is paid advertising on this site and it is not always possible to screen the ads.  Only the sites actually reviewed by me, can be personally recommended.  The advertising and other affiliates do help support this blog to bring you valuable information.  

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