Reviews of Survey Companies

My number one favorite is Opinion Outpost. I have so much fun doing these surveys. Surveys range from household products, automobiles, travel,  games, TV shows and even movie premiers. I invested about an hour registering, the first week was a bust of not qualifying for surveys, and now I average around $15 to $20 a week.  Several of the surveys are for children, so I turn it over to my son, and he earns the money. You are paid via check after you accumulate $5.00 and they pay very fast. Ignore the website that says 6 to 8 weeks. I get my check in 7 to 10 days. No muss no fuss. They also offer payment by Visa or Amazon gift cards.  I put this money into my “going out to eat jar”.   I began taking surveys with this company in March 2010 and as of January, I've earned $497.00, plus an additional $175.00 from forum participation. 

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My second favorite is American Consumer Opinion. Very reputable, compensation is fair, and they respond to your emails. There surveys pay a bit higher, the lowest has been $3.00 up to $10.00.  I must admit, as is my nature, I was a bit skeptical, as this company takes a bit longer to post the survey credit to your account. My fears were totally unfounded, within 3 weeks of the survey I received credit, which I then requested a cash out (you can do so at anytime). Check arrived in about 3 days. The time frame works out quite well. You can request payment any time. No spam, no junk email, just notification when a survey is available. Another awesome thing with this company is they are open to fourteen years or older.  There surveys are not as frequent, but since they pay more per survey, to me it's worth it.  They also have awesome product trials.  I received a full size bottle of well known shampoo and conditioner to try and a rather expensive designer perfume.  Candidates accepted from many countries.  I started this one in June 2010, and have earned $70.00 since then, plus numerous full size samples to try and previews of new television shows, all of which you're paid for!

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The third recommendation is Global Test Market. They have tons of surveys. In fact so many I could not keep up with them. I joined this site in early May, kept a watch for spam and other junk mail, none received. This one is a point system with one point equaling around 50 cents and you must have 1000 points to cash out. So this of course made me leery and I dragged my feet getting serious about this. There is no lack of surveys, just my reluctance to invest the time. Finally in early June, I bit the bullet and got serious, must have done around 30 surveys one weekend and just kept working on it till I got to the 1000 points. Then requested a cash out on June 19th and 5 weeks later a check arrives for $51 dollars. How awesome is that. I estimate that with the abundance of surveys this company has available it will be quite easy to earn $50 in a month’s time, with a month turn around for your check. The checks are mailed from Canada, so getting mine to Florida probably took a bit longer. The surveys are varied, easy and fun. If you are interested in survey rewards this one is a keeper. Don’t drag your feet like I did, you’ll be seeing those $50 checks in no time at all.   This one's earning are up to about $150.00.  This one is definitely a money maker, but since it's available to those age 14 and up, I'm turning this one over to my son.